Over time, technology has changed completely. From using logarithmic exponents to simplify mathematical calculations, to creating a full on computer, technology is different than what it once was. One specific innovator of computers and technology is Ada Lovelace. At the time, women did not have a lot of day in society, yet she broke down barriers and is credited with writing the first computer program. She created an algorithm for the computation of Bernoulli numbers using the analytical engine.Even though the device was never completed, Lovelace is still considered to be a pioneer of computing. Her knowledge and wiliness to break barriers led to the evolution and constant changing of computing and technology. Lovelace is not the only person to break barriers. There are many African American innovators that helped to propel technology and computing.

Granville T. Woods was an African American innovator that was often overlooked in comparison to others who were working on similar technologies. His most important invention was the induction telegraph in 1887. This allowed people to communicate by voice over telegraph wires, which until then was limited to only those who could communicate in morse code. His patent was bought by Alexander Graham Bell, who is most commonly credited as the inventor of the telephone, but really Woods was integral to its development. It is a commonality that African Americans, and women are overlooked when it comes to the early stages of technology. People like Lovelace and Woods, were integral to the success of early technological discoveries.

In the end, this week there were many readings about the evolution of technology and key figures that helped to create and evolve technology. What stood out to be is how technology is constantly changing. From early on technology in different eras was advanced for its time. As time and time progressed, new things were discovered that contributed to the growth of technology. Even today, there are things such as programs and codes that are being used to revolutionize technology. Even in my 20 years of life, technology has drastically changed. Now, kids today who are at the early stages of life, are able to learn by using iPads and computers. When I was that age, I did not have that resource. Yet, this could lead kids to be attached to their devices, which leads to the main topic discussed in this class is technology ethical in some aspects? It is a question that will always come up now because of how impactful technology is today.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash